The English Community Outreach Project


We are an international English-speaking congregation, located in the historic Bergkirche, a short walk from the center of the Wiesbaden market square.


A partnership project of the German Protestant Church of Hessen-Nassau and the United Church of Christ, New York State, we honor the traditions of both churches while honoring our own commitment to making church relevant to us today.


We are a congregation that keeps an open mind to the religious questions we struggle with. We honor each other’s personal journey and believe that conscience and reason are essential to our religious path. In keeping with the principles of the United Church of Christ, we understand the historic creeds and confessions of our ancestors as testimonies, and not as tests of faith.

Join us for …


… Sanctuary Worship in a historic landmark city church

… Dinner Church Food for the body, mind and soul

… Music guest musicians and our own choir (sing with us!)

… Explore the Bible and other ancient and modern texts

… Freedom to be who you are, whatever you believe, wherever you are on this journey

… Opportunity to contribute to this growing community

A community with Spirit


Welcoming the curious, the critical thinkers, the seekers

People looking for spiritual and intellectual connection.


Children and Youth – our future

we are expanding our program to better serve young people.


Progressive Protestant Worship in English

Come be a part of reimagining worship for our lives today.



Sponsored by:

The Protestant Deanery of Wiesbaden

The United Church of Christ – Global Ministries

The Ecumenical Center of the Protestant Church, Hessen-Nassau

Re-Imaging Church …



Evangelische Bergkirche

Lehrstraße 6 · 65183 Wiesbaden

Rosalind Gnatt

01525 3900262

r.gnatt [at]


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